Code for America

Community Outreach and Research

Code for America, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing web services to the public sector, enlisted DARE’s assistance to reach out to local health departments and determine what their needs were relating to technology and innovation.


Community Education Group

2013 United States Conference

DARE collaborated with Community Education Group to survey attendees of the 2013 United States Conference on AIDS in order to assess technical assistance and capacity building needs among health departments and community organizations.


District of Columbia Primary Care Association

Evaluation Support

Prevention EmpowerS ME was created by the DC Primary Care Association, and funded by the DC Department of Health, to improve the health outcomes of individuals living in medically vulnerable communities by using community health workers to extend the reach of the traditional medical system into these communities. The program trains community health workers in self-management of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and asthma. By increasing the knowledge of community health workers, better enabling them to engage community residents, and encouraging residents to practice health and wellness and better utilize the health care system. DARE works with DCPCA and the Institute for Public Health Innovation (IPHI) to provide evaluation support for the project.


National Minority AIDs Council

HIV Care and Treatment Surveillance Application

DARE is working with bioinformatics experts and developers at Digital Infuzion and the National Minority AIDS Council to develop an application that will integrate surveillance data with treatment information to provide a more comprehensive picture of HIV care and treatment for public health use.


Institute for Public Health Innovation

Program Evaluation & Community Engagement

DARE partners with the Institute for Public Health Innovation (IPHI) and the Washington AIDS Partnership as the local evaluator for Positive Pathways, an evidence-based structural intervention designed to address barriers to HIV medical care among African-American women and their heterosexual partners living in Washington, DC. Community health workers are placed in a variety of settings across the District and focus their efforts on identifying and re-engaging individuals who have not been regularly engaged in care.


Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

Louisiana Quality Improvement Syphilis Elimination Project

Data to Impact approaches are applied to assess the STD/HIV program in Louisiana. Activities include comprehensive stakeholder engagement, workflow mapping, content review and cost effectiveness analysis.


National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors

Technical Assistance

NASTAD, in collaboration with DARE Global Innovations, is creating Data to Care (D2C) Communities of Practice. Data to Care (D2C) is a public health strategy that shifts the use of HIV surveillance data from descriptive and monitoring purposes to include using it to empower public health action.


San Francisco Department of Public Health

Business Plan and Integrated System Implementation

The San Francisco Department of Public Health has made integration of health assessment, surveillance, epidemiology and informatics a priority to support division, departmental and citywide efforts. In addition to a division-wide reorganization, the Division of Population Health will develop and implement an integrated disease control and surveillance system that will better enable them to address their public health priorities. DARE works closely with project leaders and subject matter experts to define the vision for the integrated data system and future business processes and priorities.


Urban Coalition for HIV/AIDS Prevention Services

Data Demonstration

DARE collaborated with UCHAPS to describe the HIV demographic in urban settings and demonstrate innovative methods for presentation of surveillance data.


Louisiana Department Of Health And Hospitals

Data Demonstration

DARE served as the external evaluator for Own Your Own Health, a statewide, federally funded program addressing the overweight and obesity epidemic in Louisiana, specifically targeting minority populations. The program utilizes evidence-based strategies and technology to engage populations across the state of Louisiana in activities that promote better health.

Puerto Rico DOH

Puerto Rico Department of Health

Data Demonstration

AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), in partnership with DARE Global Innovations (DARE), conducted a rapid organizational assessment to identify and analyze opportunities and challenges for integration of programs, services and data. The team conducted 15 interviews, and reviewed preliminary background documentation to offer recommendations for enhanced program collaboration and service integration (PCSI). The approach focused enhancing data use practices across the health department, including collection, analysis, and dissemination of public health data. The DOH requested recommendations and outcomes focused on capacity, resources and cost associated with an organization focused on performance, results, quality and cost.


DC Department of Health

Data Demonstration

DARE is working with the DC Department of Health, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD, and Tuberculosis Administration (HAHSTA) as technical experts to provide data analysis services to support the 2015 Priority Setting and Resource Allocations Process of the Metropolitan Washington Ryan White Planning Council.